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Welcome to the MAPRA Technik Online Shop for metrology, measuring, hardness testing and materials testing equipment.

This is our Online shop. Please click the 'MAPRA Home' button to return to our Main Website where you can find more information on our product range along with download catalogues.

MAPRA Q1 precision measuring instruments at affordable prices
BAREISS GmbH of GermanyBAREISS GmbH of Germany
Bareiss hardness testers & test blocks for all SHORE and IRHD ranges
KÄFER GmbH of GermanyKÄFER GmbH of Germany
Kafer precision dial gauges, dial test indicators, thickness gauges
FISSO of SwitzerlandFISSO of Switzerland
Fisso - Baitella AG - 3D articulated gauging arms with bases for mounting of dial gauges, DTI's and instruments